Keep Intruders At Bay With A Smart Home Security System

You may not have thought about it, but security is perhaps the single most essential investment that you can make for your home. Overlook the matter, and you can end up losing everything altogether. How is this so?

Well, consider a recent study made by the Australian Institute of Criminology that states that over 200,000 houses are broken into every year. Whether your home has been the victim of a burglary or not, prevention is much better than treatment. If you are worried about a possible break-in, you will do well to keep your family safe with smart home systems. Such a system is bound to discourage robbers and enable you to keep a close watch on your house. It is as convenient and straightforward as accessing an app on your smart device or another web-enabled gadget.

Here are a few of the ways burglars target houses and how a smart house security system will thwart their efforts

Targeting Your Unsecured Entryways

Intruders understand that you have been careful about locking your front door, so they target other entryways such as windows which you may have forgotten to protect in your hurry to rush out of the home.

With a smart house security system, you will not have to stress if you have forgotten to protect all your entryways. After detection, the system will send an alert to your mobile phone alerting you to the fact that your home is unsecured. As soon as you receive the signal, all you need to do is tap your smart device, and the system will activate the quick lock to secure your home or business so no unauthorised individual can get into your home.

Preventing a Break-in While You are at Work

Burglars realise the very best time to target your house is when you go to work. Some robbers even go to the degree of observing your movements for a couple of days to find out exactly what time you leave for work every day and whether there’s anybody else in the house.

They realise that trying a burglary when nobody is around will increase their opportunity of going undiscovered. If you view the news on T.V. you will observe an increasing pattern of robberies being carried out during the day when the house is empty.

Thanks to a Smart Home Security System, you will be able to monitor your house at any time of the day or night. You will be quickly notified of any unusual activity and can even observe what is going on in your home with the aid of motion triggered image sensing units and the security video cameras.

If there is an intruder in your house, a smart security system will immediately inform the 24 Hr tracking service, and security personnel will notify the authorities, who can send somebody over immediately to apprehend the offender.

Targeting Homes With Poor Security Systems

Burglars prefer to target houses which either have no security systems installed or old systems which allow them to commit a felony undetected. With all the information offered on the internet, burglars know about the highly sophisticated house security gadgets and are hindered from committing a burglary in a house fitted with a smart home security solution.

Most modern smart home security systems today have advanced functions such as reed switches which trigger alarms at entry points such as doors and windows. Magnetic reed switches identify trespassers before they get in and signal you immediately, so you can act rapidly to avoid burglars from breaking in and getting in.

If you are travelling or aren’t in a position to react quickly enough, The Monitoring Centre that your smart home security system is connected to will initialise the emergency reaction strategy you chose which could be sending a patrol guard or emergency situation services.

Burglars may be getting smart, but the technology surrounding today’s Smart Home Security System is far more intelligent and can safeguard your house and loved ones while you are away.